Business owners explain the value they gained from the advice of Mergers & Acquisitions experts

Business owners explain the value they gained from the advice of Mergers & Acquisitions experts

America’s Fairfield University conducted a survey with business leaders to asses their expectations and the perceived value added by M&A consultants with the following conclusions:


1) The M&A advisors are responsible for managing the business sales process and strategy. A competitive process can maximize value and thereby ensure that the best possible deal has been obtained.


2) The advisors take care of different negotiations that can sometimes be difficult and confrontational making it possible to maintain a positive relationship between the seller and the buyer.


3) They can help business leaders structure the transaction to prepare all the required financial models, and in-depth analyzes . This is key given that future buyers make a careful financial examination of the company to ensure the quality of the transaction.


4) With the their experience, and their network, a good advisor complements the owner’s knowledge of their market to help find potential partners.


5) Advisors are often perceived as « coaches » supporting the entire transaction process while coordinating everything to ensure that the deal is concluded.


6) The involvement of Mergers & Acquisitions advisors demonstrates the commitment, credibility, and genuine thoughtfulness of all parties, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful transaction.


7) Advisors respond effectively to the needs and wants of all parties, ready and able to offer alternative solutions to transaction goals that may conflict.


8) During the transaction process, which is very intense, business leaders can continue to run their businesses and focus on developing business activities.


In summary, all of those surveyed said that the advice they received brought added value to the transaction process. This is all the more reason to contact a specialized firm like Mergex for support during your transaction process.