Which type of buyer is your type

Which type of buyer is your type

When selling your business, you’re bound to encounter different types of buyers. Here are the descriptions of 3 of the most common types. Choosing the right type of buyer can significantly ease the process and ensure a successful sale that meets with your specific expectations.



The individual buyer is described as someone with access to the capital required for the down payment. This person usually wants to replace the current owner and continue the operation with the team in place. It can be easier to sell to this often more experienced type of buyer, although sometimes it might require some additional support.



The strategic buyer will often offer the best price for the business. This type of buyer wants to acquire because the business is vital for their growth. Different reasons can justify the multiple strategies of this type of buyer: geographical diversification, the purchase of a competitor, the need for manpower, the complementarity of goods, etc. the list of reasons is endless.



This kind of buyer is looking for investment. They would usually want the seller to continue their involvement in the business. If you want to continue in the business without the owner’s responsibilities, or you lack the cash to develop the business further, or for your future investments, this type of buyer could well be the perfect fit for you.


Over time, Mergex has developed a pool of potential buyers for your business. Whether local, national or international, we will identify the best buyer to meet your personal and financial goals.

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