Our Process for Selling a Business

Our Process for Selling a Business

When selling your business, professional support is absolutely essential to ensure the process runs smoothly at every stage. While preserving confidentiality and minimizing interruptions to business, Mergex provides you with purchase proposals plus full support from start to finish of the sale. Here is a three-step overview of our sales process:

1. Preparation

Using a combination of recognized and proven methods, we assess the most likely selling price of your business. Our team performs preliminary checks aimed at identifying potentially problematic situations and resolving them before marketing. Mergex also prepares the documentation and a presentation video, all aimed at presenting the strengths of your business. We then start the research phase to identify potential buyers and obtain the best proposal.

2. Receipt of proposals (offers)

Signing a confidentiality agreement with the most qualified buyers and sharing the presentation documents. Mergex determines which buyers represent the best combination for you, according to the criteria previously established together. We then arrange a meeting between you, the seller, and your pre-selection of buyers. The goal is to get to know the individuals and refine the selection in order to move on to negotiating the terms and conditions and signing a letter of intent.

3. Conclusion of the sale

We assist both parties in facilitating due diligence (via a data room that we make available and intervention to resolve potentially complex issues arising between the legal and financial professionals involved), and in the drafting of the deed of sale to comply with prior negotiations. We remain available for you throughout the entire process, ready to answer your questions. Contact our team today.