Marketing Your Business

Marketing Your Business

You’ve done your homework and prepared your business to go to market with the help of our qualified M&A Advisors. These experts have helped you to do some self-exploration, helped you to assess the true value of your business and walked you through preparing for the financial aspects of the sale including setting a price, tax planning and addressing both risk mitigation and investment concerns.


The next step is to prepare a marketing package and strategy to reach potential buyers. You won’t do this alone as our team of M&A Advisors will work with you to make sure that all of the marketing materials are professional and represent your brand. We will, however, look to you to sign off on the plan.


Strategic marketing and buyer screening


To create a marketing plan that we are confident will work for you, our M&A advisor will produce two documents: A one-page teaser and a Confidential Information Memorandum.


A one-page  Teaser (Teaserprovides a general overview of your business. No specific data or information is provided in an effort to protect your identity.


The Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) will contain all relevant information on the business including a description of its operation, market, products and service lines, team, facilities and  a detailed financial analysis of the history and future projections. It will include financials as reported and proof of the businesses fiscal health. It is only shared after an NDA has been executed and after a face-to-face meeting and it is determined that the purchaser is a good match.


Positioning Your Business 


Our Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor will use several resources to attract buyers for your business. The bank of potential buyers is an excellent way to make an initial selection of buyers. Once a prospective buyer shows interest, they will be interviewed to determine what type of business will best work for them. Our team will also make sure that they have the wherewithal to make the investment. This weeds out tire-kickers and ensures that we are only working with serious buyers.


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