How to find the right business for you

How to find the right business for you

Buying the right business can expand your activities and boost your income. On the flip side,  making a bad choice will result in a loss of time and money! Strategic planning will help you assess whether the enterprise you’re after is a good deal for you.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself about buying the business you are planning to buy:

  • What is the strategic value of the acquisition (in terms of products, geography, customers, workforce, etc.)?
  • Is the purchase price justified?
  • Will I have the necessary funding?
  • Why does the owner want to sell?
  • What are the debts and assets of the business?
  • Is it in a good location?
  • Can I integrate it into my current activities?
  • Are the employees competent and motivated?
  • Does it have a good reputation?
  • Is it innovative?
  • Is it compatible with my values ​​and management style?
  • Is revenue stable? Since when?
  • Does it have a prosperous future?
  • How are relationships with its customers, its suppliers?
  • Would the current leadership be willing to stay with the company to ensure a smooth transition?
  • etc.


These lines of thought may prompt you to stop and consider certain criteria that can sometimes be overlooked when making an acquisition.

During a transaction, it is important to remain disciplined and to avoid premature enthusiasm result in a mistake. Be patient and take your time! Don’t be afraid to withdraw from negotiations if you have any concerns. Surround yourself with a professional team to advise and help you make the right decision.

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