Prepare The Documents For The Sale Of Your Business

Prepare The Documents For The Sale Of Your Business

We can hardly overestimate the importance of having the house in order when deciding to sell your business.

Incomplete or inaccurate information could affect the confidence of buyers who would consider incongruences as a red flag. Such inconsistencies increase the perceived risk by purchasers, possibly affecting the final price or even making the transaction fall through.

In addition, inaccurate information could legally expose you as it could be construed as false representation.

So, invest the time or hire a professional to help you put the necessary documents in order, including the following:

  • All financial records including financial statements produced by certified accountants, with all the necessary supports that could be required at the due diligence stage;
  • Legal information including minute books, contracts, lawsuits, trademarks or documents related to any intellectual property;
  • Communications and documents pertaining to the government;
  • Information related to your employees;
  • Any information on your market, sales, clients, marketing plans, among others;
  • Any documented internal processes or, if available, certifications such as ISO (not indispensable but useful).

Contact us to discuss in detail how to get ready and to learn about the pre-due diligence phase of the Mergex Process.