3 Tips to Sell Your Business

3 Tips to Sell Your Business

Our mergers and acquisitions experts have developed a list of 3 tips for successfully selling your business!


#1. Timing is key. Selling when revenues and profitability are growing or at least stable will reassure potential buyers.  Don’t wait until negative conditions affect the results.


#2. The company should not depend excessively on you. Having a qualified team capable of running the business when the owner leaves is key. Companies that are too owner-dependent are often exposed to downturns after the sale making the acquisition riskier for buyers and ultimately affecting the valuation.


#3. Put the house in order. We can hardly overestimate theimportance of having the house in order when deciding to sell your business. Incomplete or inaccurate information (financial, legal, contracts, etc…) could affect the confidence of buyerswho would see incongruences as red flags. Such inconsistencies increase the perceived risk by purchasers, possibly affecting the final price or even making the transaction fall through.


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